Oh No! More Lemmings – Tame Level 6 – Intsy-Wintsy… Lemming?

This is Tame Level 6 – Intsy-Wintsy… Lemming?

  • Number Of Lemmings: 50
  • To Be Saved: 50%
  • Release Rate: 1
  • Time: 4 minutes

OK, I’m back with more walkthroughs of the Lemmings game developed in 1991 by DMA Design and published by Psygnosis. It’s been a while, but I have been busy getting a Masters Degree. This time it’s Oh No! More Lemmings – the follow up to the original Lemmings game

All the levels will be posted here when I have had time to completed them – assuming I can complete them all 🙂

This Level title: Intsy-Wintsy… Lemming?

The tame levels are very basic and easy to complete and if I lose a lemming then my gaming reputation will be worth nothing… So far so good, no lemmings lost on my watch – but there is still time – Let countdown commence! – Surely I will miss a lemming before level 10???

Played on a real Commodore Amiga A600, with none of this emulation malarkey, although my real Amiga mouse is getting a bit tricky to play with these days, but hey! how many mice do you know that live for 30+ years? P.S. Cloanto’s Amiga Firever is still a great emulator 😉

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