Lemmings – Tricky level 14 – Menacing !! and Lemming Lament


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This is Tricky level 14 – Menacing !!

Tricky level 14 (from general release 2 disk version) – Menacing !!

80 Lemmings, 87% to be saved, release rate 50, 6 minutes.

Ahh, you were expecting a ‘Lemming Lament’ level? Well this is the 2 disk version level of Lemmings with the ‘special’ levels. I think they cut the special levels from the 1 disk version and replaced them with new levels to keep disk space low and keep the game to 1 disk. But don’t despair! If you are playing the 1 disk game then Scroll down to find the surprise 😀

So here we have another one of the ‘special’ levels. This is a tribute level to the Menace game also developed by DMA design.

Compared to the 1 disk level 14 below, the Menacing !! level is a complete doddle. I love the soundtrack from Menace, it makes this level one of my favourite.

Video recorded from Amiga 600

This is Tricky level 14 – Lemming Lament

Tricky level 14 (from Amiga 1200 Lemmings 1 disk Desktop Dynamite pack) – Lemming Lament

50 Lemmings, 80% to be saved, release rate 80, 5 minutes.

This was a real piece of work for me! It took me about 45 minutes to get all the timings right and complete the level. It was hard!

Video recorded from Amiga 1200


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