WELCOME to Lemmings World!

This website is my attempt to revisit my childhood video game history and more specifically my love of the Lemmings game developed by DMA Design way back in 1991.

Explore my Lemmings gameplay videos by browsing through the levels in the ‘Lemmings Walkthrough Videos’ posts.

Having recently found my old Atari ST in a box covered in dust, this discovery kindled in me a desire to relive my past home computer history from the 1980’s and 90’s. To date I have found my Acorn Electron, Atari ST, Amiga 600 and 1200, all of which I have refurbished or repaired and brought back to life. It also inspired me to collect other home computers and to date I have collected a selection of BBC Micro computers, A selection of Acorn Archimedes computers and a Commodore 64C computer.

But one overriding desire was to play Lemmings on those old computers, so this is my dedication to the Lemmings games.

Explore the links to my YouTube collection of completed levels across the Lemmings games. Initially this is predominantly Lemmings as played on the Amiga 1200, be that the original hardware or an emulated Amiga. As I go, my intention will be to include levels from other versions of computers, including the Archimedes and Atari ST. Then I will move onto other games in the Lemmings series. Remember Oh No! More Lemmings, Xmas Lemmings, Holiday Lemmings…

Enjoy and thanks for visiting.

Lemmings World!, September 2018

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